About Us

StemFlux is at work, at the bench and in the field, leading and shifting the medical paradigm using the power of stem cells, epigenetic gene tuning and blood plasma cytokine derived precursors to communicate and catalyze healing results down to nucleus of the cell.

StemFlux is on the leading edge of research and treatments that have catalyzed a Renaissance in the “art of cellular medicine.” StemFlux has pioneered and achieved new dynamics in cell therapies that have documented the reversal of resistant infection (HIV), myocardial heart damage and accelerated skin healing to reduce factors of aging.

StemFlux aims to seek solutions to common and compounded medical conditions with cellular dynamics as a key to tuning function down to the epigenetic level of the cell nucleus. Cells used for a quantum cellular healing effect that in kind balances organ function, using cellular chemotactic and homeostatic signals to unravel the mysteries of increasing that rate of cellular healing, organ function and to reduce aging.

With a focus on blood derived mediators (cytokines), HIV epigenetics, T killer cell drip models to boost lymphocyte potential and stem cell infusions our group is opening a new direction with a quest to produce “cells as medicine” that may be used for everything from immune reconstitution for cancer and HIV, to organogenesis for renal and heart disease.