Research & Development

TCell Immune Reconstitution (CCR5 down T Helper Vaccine Infusion):

Tim Brown = CCR5 down regulated resistant T helper cells from transplant. This fact has lead to the development of a T helper cell boost inoculation. Peripheral Blood Stem Cells may be induced to T4 lymphocyte production and when magnetically induced by anti-CD3/28 beads in a culture medium CCR5 down regulated HIV resistant T helper cells may be re-infused with the ability to resist infection.

It is possible to reconstitute the immune system and use CD4 cells from blood to cultivate lymphocytes into HIV resistant T helper cells:

Levine et al. Science 1996; 272 (5270) 1939-43
Carrol et al. Science 1997;276 (5310) 273-6
Riley, et al. J. Immunology 1987;158 (11) 5545-53

These journals provide the peer published evidence of these effects. This cellular inoculation was reviewed in Nature Medicine; Levine et al. 2002:8:4753 and in the Asia Pacific Journal of Allergy and Immunology in 2013; (31) 88-105.

In addition, it was found that introduction to IL2 to the cultivation of the T Helper cells, with resistance to HIV was advanced, causing profound expansion of a once delicate immune cell; proven in Immunotherapy August 2015 by Onlamoon, et al.

StemFlux is the only company with a T Helper cell infusion for Immune reconstitution of HIV patients.

Angiogenesis: Autologous Cells to Regrow Vasculature:

Autologous peripheral blood derived precursors or ACP’s are used to help guide blood derived mesenchyme stem cells to re-grow damage organ vasculature proven successful in vascularization and growth of new cardiac tissue after MI and TIA related Dementia. Distinct laboratory techniques only known to StemFlux make replication of the high quality medicinal cells with peak vitality and safety. These cells are optimized to enhance healing rates of organs and have anti-aging effects generally when given intravenously.

These cells may be used for Cardiac, Renal and Pulmonary function to accelerate organ healing and the subsequent associated condition ranging from congestive heart failure, to liver and even renal failure related symptoms.

Epigenetic Gene Silencing intracellular protein inhibitors are a central key to insuring cell incubation is optimized and customized. Zinc Finger Proteins or ZFP or ANK, an ancor are applied to help cells to incubate for best healing response to a particular organ or effect.

Using chemotactic response already familiar to normal cell function may be used to enhance even immune function of cells proven in Virology in 2011 (411) 260-272 by Kitchen et al.

Accelerated Wound Healing and Reduced Aging:

StemFlux has developed Cellular Skin Serum and Spray. Cell Precursors may be derived from platelet growth factors (PRP) and TGF-beta. These factors in combination have been proven to have nascent facial rejuvenation capabilities.

These like most cytokines, act to mediate power functional healing effects in the body, from beauty to rapid would healing. These topical applications may be used post-surgically for wound healing or to enhance cosmetic results to reduce sign of aging.

It is possible to apply peptide derived from cell medicine to influence autologous stem cell activation by topical application.