Cells are subtle in function, yet powerful in effect. Mesenchyme, multi-potent and pluripotent stem cells have been used in research and development in animal models, from cosmetics to sports medicine for joint reconstruction.

The details and technical support for these cellular medicine products that are ready for commercialization is offered in the Research and Development section to follow:

T Cell Immune Reconstitution

T Helper lymphocyte incubated to resist HIV infection to help boost immunity in auto-immune conditions and cancer.

Cardio stem

An Angiogenic stem cell programmed to specifically work on ischemic heart disease. This cell can used to recover a patient from heart damage due to heart attack. The cells can be delivered by proprietary technique directly to the infected tissue.

PAD Stem

An angiogenic stem cell grown to specifically address the issues caused by Peripheral Artery Disease. These cells can help to reestablish proper circulation to the limbs for increased oxygen and nutrient delivery. The PAD cells will be administered by a proprietary technique to the affected limbs.

Renal Stem

The Renal stem cell was developed to help aid in the proper function of the kidneys and help the patient become less dependence on dialysis. The Renal cells are delivered by a proprietary technique to the kidneys.

Neuro Stem

The Nuero stem cell is incubated to specifically to help patients recover from stroke and other neurological diseases. The Nuero cells are delivered in a proprietary technique to the brain.

Super cell

A super versatile cell that has been discovered with embryonic potential and no carcinogenesis that has the ability to work in all embryonic layers. The Super cell is versatile in application and the key cell in the development of the specific stem cells noted. The super cell has the ability to be used in chronic disease as well as for well being and anti-aging.